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She was slumped over at her desk; neatly brushed black hair swayed with the oscillations of a fan in the corner of her four and a half tatami room. Before her lay a computer, the monitor was pitch black; through it I gazed upon my own reflection. The room was in neat order; futon made up well in a corner, no dust in sight, sink sparkling. For a woman who didn’t own a robotic sābanto her apartment was well-cared for. She must have worked hard in life. Now she was dead. Tachibana Naoto, office worker, aged 24.

I looked over…

A story of two Americans who risked their lives in the Kurdish-led fight against ISIS

Chris at the YPG International Academy with the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces flag. Image Credit: Heval Nestor

Caught in the tangled spider web of alliances and factions of the Syrian Civil War are the Kurds. Geography has not been kind to this Iranian ethnic group which has historically dwelled in what is now eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, northwestern Iran and northern Syria. The Kurds have always lived on the borders of empires, stretching back to the times of Alexander. The Ottomans and Safavids fought bitterly over the land. …

Tired of out-of-touch guides geared towards the upper class? Here’s how I saved thousands of dollars making less than the national average

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The average American makes $31,133 a year, and yet read any guide on how to save money and they always seem to be geared towards people making much more than that. As someone who has never made above the average American income but has still managed to save a lot of money, I thought I’d write the strategies that I used: strategies that work for normal, working class Americans.

I got my first job in 2009, aged 13, working at the local Dairy Queen in my town. I had never gotten an allowance before that, and wanted to have money…

Shang Yang, John Locke, Legalism, and why the West can’t understand China

“US President Barack Obama during a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping” by U.S. Embassy The Hague is licensed with CC BY-ND 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

In the third century BCE during the Warring States period of China, an advisor named Shang Yang penned a book now known as, surprisingly enough, the Book of Lord Shang. This advisor Shang unknowingly wrote a text that would become the foundation of the Chinese philosophy of legalism, and while most Westerners will have never heard of him, this work is arguably as important as the Analects by Kong Fuzi, who most Westerners know by his Latin name: Confucius.

Lord Shang’s book is most certainly, however, anti-Confucian. Shang believed, quite contrarily to the Master, that the state should have an…

The GME short squeeze and financial revolution

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On Sunday, 8 September, 2019 Reddit user DeepFuckingValue posted a position of calls they just made on GameStop (GME) that bet the stock would reach the price of $20 by January 2021. Many other users laughed at them, saying things like, “You could land a 747 between the spread on these. Possible no one will even buy these at the mid. Sell now,” and “You’re gonna have a hard time dumping these when the stock drops below $3 this week..” DeepFuckingValue’s response to all of this? “Think so? Bet so?”

During its height (so far) a share of GME was…

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Nothing left but fireflies, and lies
And sparks of May

Nothing left but fireflies, and lies
You’ve gone away

Nothing left but fireflies;
And lies.

A flash, bang, fizzle
World turned upside down
Rightside up?
Rightside down!

Around and around and around

Nothing ventured.

Nothing ventured!

And certainly nothing gained
Except for pain and fireflies;
And lies.

But certainly not gone

Nothing left but fireflies, and lies
And sparks of May

Nothing left but fireflies, and lies
You’ve gone away

Nothing left but fireflies
And fireflies
And fireflies
And fireflies and fireflies and fireflies and fireflies


Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

I saw you in the stars again
You shone as bright as ever
And though I see you everyday
I know I’ll touch you never

I was missing you at work again
My head was filled with thoughts of us
But once again when I came home
You’d been replaced by dust

We chatted on the phone again
Until the battery turned red
It was nice to hear your voice once more
Even though it’s in my head

I stayed in bed again all day
Just staring at the ceiling
I got real high and cried a bit
A very familiar feeling…

J. Adam Hanrahan

Creative writer, occasional photographer, and freelance journalist. Loves cyberpunk, hip-hop, hiking, and basketball.

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